01.10.18 — 28.10.18
Helena Lemonnier
Interne 12

1989°, Kortrijk
MA Audiovisual Arts & film (Sint-Lukas Brussels)

Storyteller and (audio-)visual artist Helena Lemonnier often uses video, photography, soundscapes and objects to create narrative installations. During her residency at Gouvernement, she aims to thrive on that same impetus and wishes to elaborate the narrative aspect even more. Lemonnier is currently working on a video-installation, in which existing stories of creation, a genesis, will be taken as the starting point for a newly created text – as if it were a new, familiar genesis, a story between the earth and humanity. Her visual footage is recorded in Cambodia earlier this year.

For this specific project called APHAR, she collaborates with sound wizard Inne Eysermans in order to connect once again the soundscapes, video images and narrative into one experience.

Helena Lemonnier will not publicly present her project in the end. Due to several circumstances, both the artist and Gouvernement have decided to cancel the event. However, there are some plans already to present her project next Spring.

More information about the artists can be found on her website.


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