20.03.17 — 16.04.17
Interne 5

First day of winter, Kortrijk
Master in Audiovisual Arts

Fairuz is a visual enthusiast. She graduated as an experimental filmmaker and works as an editor, cinematographer and director on independent films in between genres and formats. In the last ten years she had cinematic adventures with Sven Augustijnen in the Republique Démocratique du Congo, with Sofie Benoot along the Mississipi & in the Mojave Desert and at home with Anouk De Clercq, Aglaia Konrad, Maaike Neuville & Herman Asselberghs, whose recent film ‘For Now’ (2017) she shot and edited (this film marks their 10th collaboration, for now). Herman & Fairuz created the installation ‘P.S.:’ for Artefact Festival (2011) and made the user sequences for Bas Devos’ feature Violet (2014).

More info about the artist on vimeo and website.


intake interview

Describe briefly the path (whether artistic or not)  you have followed so far.

I’ve been meandering between film and print, document and experiment, making building blocks for others and being the builder, teaching and being taught…
People seem to like having me around as a sounding board*. 

How would you describe your work in terms of themes, style, techniques, …?

I wonder how to change the world and hope to find an answer as soon as possible. Luckily I grew up with the knowledge that patience is the key to happiness. The themes that I want to explore right now are abundance and shortage, folk and ‘how to address the world about the world’.

What would you consider your most important achievement (whether or not artistic) to date?

My most important achievement is that I’m not a full-time digital flâneur, because it’s very tempting.

Who or what has been an inspiration to your work?

Adrian, Andy, Agnes, Beyoncé, Beck, Beth, Blixa, Chris, Christopher, Eileen, Egon, Ellen, Erika, George, Hollis, Jules, Kar-wai, Lætitia, Lizzie, Man, Marguerite, Michael, Nick, Nouhad, Patti, Robert, Rudy, Till, Yves, Yvonne

Which (art) disciplines other than the ones you’re familiar with, draw your attention or would you like to immerse yourself into?

Television, the way it was made in between the 60’s and early 80’s
ike this, and this, and this, and this but hey, we have youtube so we can enjoy it whenever we want.

Describe what your focus will be during your residency in Gouvernement?

I’ll try to cram ideas into words and hope they turn out to be very good songs.

In which circumstances or environment would you consider yourself at your most creative?

In silence and surrounded by music (at the same time).

How does “INTERNEN” appeal to you specifically?

You mention very explicitly that trial and error is ok, and that’s exactly what I need.
because: Successful is not an artistic consideration. Works + don’t works are part of a development. (RR, 1970)

What do you expect from a residency in terms of personal artistic development and in terms of  guidance and support?

I expect the unexpected.

Who (closeby/faraway, realistic/utopic, living/dead) is granted lifetime membership to your ultimate (secret) society?

Anderson, Bargeld, Borden, Cave, DeGeneres, Ditto, Doyle, Duras, Frampton, Haddad, Hansen, Jackson, Klein, Knowles-Carter, Lindemann, Marker, Myles, Orwell, Rainer, Rauschenberg, Ray, Sadier, Schiele, Smith, Thaws, Trouvé, Varda, Verne, Warhol, Wong

*to my surprise the Dutch word/ expression ‘klankbord’ exists in English! 

I’ve just read it in YR’s ‘Feelings Are Facts’, page 441.