16.03.16 — 07.04.16
Diego Latruwe
Interne 2

1990°, Knokke-Heist
Master of Fine Arts

During one month Diego Latruwe investigated the thin line between reality and fiction in popular conspiracy theories. Working with found footage he created a series of video-based installations generating new associations between theories and questioning the idea of a commonly accepted truth. Instead drawing on a vast web of ideas and events to propose a series of alternative histories. More generally, the project aimed to draw lines between what we think we know and what we choose to believe in, and celebrate the unlimited potential for meaning always present in images.

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intake interview

Describe briefly the path (whether artistic or not) you have followed so far.

When I started drawing as a teenager, it was a matter of immersion. I wanted to get completely lost in the work I was making, the same way I did by playing videogames. It was an escapist approach to Art, that worked very well for me. Today, I still focus on the analogy between different forms of distraction and themes like escapism, longing, transcendence and (the loss of) control that go hand in hand with it.

How would you describe your work in terms of themes, style, techniques, …?

I mainly investigate (through video art & installation) our longing for love, status, dignity and meaning based on footage I find in pop, -games, & internetculture. My source material can be videoclips, gifs, screensavers etc.

What would you consider your most important  achievement (whether or not artistic) to date?

Although there’s many things I’m proud of (a breakthrough in a working process, being able to control a medium, a successful set up), I still do not feel I experienced major achievements. I rather view my artistic development on a longer term. I’m still in a phase of collecting experiences/impressions and the processing of information/images. At the moment I consider this as more important than obtaining specific achievements.

Who or what has been an inspiration to your work?

What I do is only relevant in the context of the culture in which I live. My work is a reaction to my daily environment. Therefore, I am mainly influenced by art that reflects this in a direct way: the books by Don Delillo, David Foster Wallace & Douglas Coupland, and the visual arts by Lawrence Lek, Jon Rafman & Alex da Corte.

Which (art) disciplines other than the ones you’re familiar with, draw your attention or would you like to immerse yourself into?

I keep on changing the medium I’m working with and I love to try out new things. In the past I’ve been working with graphical techniques, digital & analog photography/video, electronic music, drawing, painting, images,…At the moment I’m preoccupied with the development, the  animation and the publication of virtual 3D-models. The more I understand about it, the more I feel the urge to immerse myself in the digital realm ( e.g. developing games, writing software)

Describe what your focus will be during your residency in Gouvernement?

I am fascinated by conspiracy theories, specifically the way they balance on the thin line between reality and fiction. By reading and watching an enormous amount of supposed conspiracies, I have not only become a bit of an expert but also became convinced by several theories. An astonishing experience which leaves me with the question: Have I become mad or did I just get better informed? I’d like to make video’s, an installation or maybe a book about losing “the sense of reality ” and the questioning of “a general truth”

On the bigger, the project tackles the isolation/loneliness and paranoia caused by new technologies.

In which circumstances or environment would you consider yourself at your most creative?

When I’m alone, early in the morning (after 2 cups of coffee) and essentially “in silence”.

How does “INTERNEN” appeal to you specifically?

I’m looking forward to have conversations about my work with people I would have never met otherwise. The presence of technical means and support could result in a different view on the process. Normally I just learn from Youtube.

What do you expect from a residency in terms of personal artistic development and in terms of  guidance and support?

I hope to get a chance to do something unexpected and step out of my comfort zone. Getting support can only accelerate this. Furthermore, I’d like to gain experience in general and get feedback on the presentation of my work.

Who (closeby/faraway, realistic/utopic, living/dead) is granted lifetime membership to your ultimate (secret) society?

Writers mainly, the ones I mentioned earlier and also Borges and W.G Sebald.

text and lecture by Diego Latruwe (06/07.04.2016)

Apophenia: the tendency to perceive a pattern among unrelated or random ideas or objects

I am awake
I am awake and my eyes are wide open now
A veil was lifted and through it came the light
Throwing a deep and lasting shadow on my mind.
Now I can not avoid but repeating.
That nothing happens by accident anymore
With a mouthfull of poisonfull Mercury.
As to the deep secret of Khazaria
This shadow called darkness and light.
In my sleeplessness and anxiety
Nothing happens by accident anymore
I see the news and I can only see deception
I see the world around me and I see it’s last days

All are hinged on Ancient Worship,
As It appears in the abyss of truth.
The word can’t get enough
They told me as I am about to tell you
Before justice creates the paradise.
Built around us, the control grid of faith.
Nothing happens by accident anymore
Like in the videogames in which they teach me
To be cruel and reckless
and pity life like them
It appears as a power over you and I
Like that what came into being after.
by the light of the flickering screen
I saw what they had done
Ceremonies that they were legion
A god of sacrifice revealed
Explained patiently and in detail,
over and over again
When it is called upon mystery;
Babylon the great from the east
Accompanied by sweeping music
In the midst of stones of everyman
These devices speak to each other behind my back.
Created from a secret Satanic-hybrid being
And From it every deity came forth.
Who do they report back to, and about what?
And what happens to their conversations?
I’ll find out in a courtroom, when it’s too late.
As the whole race gazes into itself.
Masons, Bonesmen, Bilderburgers and Bohemians
You are unaware and confused
Too weak for what was innocent.

One after another back into the memory
between unfulfilled desire and a hope that is groundless
That things will get better
If only you believe
They are beautiful and aim to please
Now I am awake while you are sleeping
In your small lives completely unaware
I wish I was still one of you ,I truly do
Nothing could have prepared me for this

Your TV is staring right back at you.
It predicts and manipulates your behaviour.
The “eye in the sky” can read what I’m typing
They keep lists of everything.
Once you cross the line you can’t go back
Can you unlearn what you have always felt?
Once you eat the apple you’re expulsed
The more I know the heavier I feel
I’ll dissapear before soon, you’ll see.
They told me as I am about to tell you
To honor their god, the bull, the owl, the goat

JHWH, the beast of babylonia. The eye of Horus
A boundless lust. A primal desire to own and subdue.

They worship it at the shrine,
In business suits and ties. Blood sacrifices, smiles
you never know for sure who they are.
In a facility designed to detect and analyze.
They keep and collect records of everything.
The ultimate purpose is classified.
Microwave-rays to cause  amnesia.

Shaking hands and making deals
You never know for sure what they really want
what are they planning for us?
Drones with cellphone scanners fly over the cities.
You’re machine knows you better than you do.
It knows what you see so it knows what you think
It decides your needs for you.

I am awake and I am watching.
How the earth is flat as a disk between skies.
And how they deny it, as it’s plain to see.
Sowing doubt is their main objective.
Follow the money they say
And I watched it pour across the screen
Always down and out of sight, ,
Into the old Swiss vaults underground
Sometimes I just want it to happen
like in the movies they show to prepare us
Like in all those shows about the aftermath
Only the most ruthless will survive

Become a bright, flat surface. Cast no shadow.