15.04.19 — 28.04.19
Christian Bakalov
Interne 16

1973°, Sofia
Ballet School of the Opera House, Sofia

Besides being active as a performer for artists such as Ivo Dimchev or Miet Warlop, Christian Bakalov creates immersive installations in which the public, performers and installations play an equally important part. While pushing and blurring the boundaries between performative actions and installation, he designs different methods that introduce the audience to a poetic universe by personally addressing them via the senses.

This is where the trilogy ETERNIA comes to life. The third part of the trilogy appropriately called ETERNAL is a collective ritual that gauges the essence of human condition through experiencing heightened intimacy and inescapable intensity. ETERNIA originates from Spinoza’s concept of eternity which is also closely linked to life and death. Bakalov thus triggers that special experience by operating sensory collusions between visual and body matters in a common art procedure, in which the audience has equal responsibility and function.

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