12.11.18 — 13.01.19
Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe
Interne 13

1995°, Eine
Performative Arts (Institute of Performing Arts, Maastricht)

The self-proclaimed narcissist and “wannabe” countertenor Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe graduated as theatrical performer at the Toneelacademie Maastricht. Besides directing he often focusses on vocal performances such as My Protest, My Inner Songs and Mea Big Culpa. In those solo performances, Meirhaeghe is not afraid of reflecting on prevailing concepts in society. His adolescent ability to trivialise, put things into a broader perspective and criticize, offers him a self-conscious persona, who battles his own devils as well as those of others. Like a medieval fool daring to enter the tension zone between entertainment and criticism, thus melts the enfant terrible in his work as snow during summer.

During his 4-week residency, Meirhaeghe devotes time and space to create completely new ideas, projects and works.


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