Night Shift: from dusk till dawn
Opera, Ghent


Going all-in and all-out

in one of Ghent’s architectural

and cultural pearls: the Opera!




Sometimes you’re going big, and we’re really pushing to go further than ever.


In demanding and defying times like these, it’s time to open up the eclectic platform and share both the conceptualisation and ripening of Night Shift with a group of intriguing and young artists. Six collectives from different disciplines (think spoken word and music, queer and performance art) reinvent themselves during collective brainstorm sessions, discussions and throughout the whole production process and trials.

The invited collectives are Zuidpark, Mama’s Open Mic, La S Grand Atelier / ‘Post Animale’, Bebe Books, House of Lux and Leaving Living Dakota

The fruit of their intense experimental and conceptual labour will unfold itself  in and around the grand Opera-building in Ghent over the course of three consecutive nights. Instead of drawing energy from the usual stage, all works will be shown in an alluring scenography by Decoratelier / Jozef Wouters. In this fashion, new and previously unexploited playgrounds are evoked for diverse and challenging artistic projects.


The stamp is clear and visible
the marks are made
the night shift is irreversible.