Night Shift TV

Night Shift TV


After Night Shift got cancelled at Opera Ghent last November, film maker Julie Daems and her camera visited all participating collectives in their habitats. She opened up a dialogue on how their projects kept on living in the aftermath of the called-off event.



Episode 1: Bebe Books’ Manifesto

A colourful encounter with Mert and Ruud, co-founders of Bebe Books, they talk about their glittering banner project.


Episode 2: 73Q’s with House of Lux

In this episode, the queens take you on a wild tour through their house. Meet them all up close and personal.
“Queens of hearts, let’s make a family portrait in this dollhouse”


Episode 3: ‘The club creates a family of gathered lost  souls all reunited around music and it’s just beautiful’

A melancholic ride with the charming dj Liyo Gong from H E 4 R T B R O K E N through the emotional rhythms of a dreamy night.


Episode 4: ‘Zuidpark

A frolic and boisterous portrait of the collective in a satirical sketch about a police academy.