Gouvernement is an interdependent artistic workspace and cultural platform in central Ghent; a project appealing to a variety of people and disciplines, always emphasizing cross-fertilization, trial & error and the unexpected.

We aim to question, research and explore new ways of developing and presenting contemporary art, multidisciplinary interactions and art practice.

We are always open for new project and residency ideas! Send us your proposal, so we can talk about your needs, research and ideas.

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Gouvernement provides all kinds of short- and long-term residencies adapted to the artists’s preferences, research and needs. 

We offer Internen, atelier and Vooruit residencies. Internen is a residency program focused on research, experiment and abandoning comfort zones. Participants are granted 4 weeks of in-depth investigation in an embryonic process. Be it very first steps or off-track manoeuvres, the accent lies on development rather than result.


Night Shift


Night Shift is a nomadic project that creates an artistic playground in the iconic landmark of a large art organisation or institution. By being offered free rein, artists from different disciplines can present work in an informal setting and make collective use of the eclectic, public platform provided by Gouvernement and the partners involved.

In a swirling program consisting of activated interventions, experiments and other less categorisable happenings, actions succeed each other swiftly and leave behind traces.They intertwine and interconnect with the building, the public and each other.

Night Shift stimulates cultural entrepreneurship as it constantly searches for well-balanced collaborations between small and large cultural organisations.  

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Gouvernement actively invests in meaningful collaborative projects and thoughtful valuable partnerships.

We have a long-term partnership with Kunstencentrum Vooruit and regularly co-organise off-the-grid performances, concert and promising projects hors catégorie with local and international artists.

Other partners include CAMPO, Beursschouwburg, De Studio, De Brakke Grond, NTGent, KASK and LUCA School of Arts, with whom we collaborate on a temporary base.

Gouvernement is supported by the Flemish Governement.




In October 2017, Gouvernement published After the Midst, a multi-layered visual and textual interpretation of HOOGTIJ/laagtij, Gouvernement’s performance-festival on rituals of celebration.

Gouverneur, the blonde barley beer brewed by Gouvernement, is now available at Vooruit Café, Campo Victoria and Campo Nieuwpoort.





Nele Keukelier
artistic coordination

David Dumont
technical coordination

Eva Pot

Leontien Allemeersch
production & photography

Laurens Mariën
all things Night Shift

Vincent Focquet
production Night Shift

volunteers Night Shift










Gouvernementstraat 7
9000 Gent, Belgium