15.10.2020 — 28.02.2021
Wall of Trust - Anna Burvenich
installation, Konnektor

Part of the Konnektor-project

Enchanted by colour, Anna Burvenich compiles entire spectrums of everyday objects she finds in her environment. Her installations are a play with perspective, reflection and haphazard combinations. They have an eye for small details but also reveal a bigger picture and deeper layers. In a playful and intuitive way she seeks to connect people and leave them amazed afterwards. Anna’s practise cannot be easily captured: being a historian, a therapist and an artist she is receptive towards coincidences and different points of view.  Presently she is studying installation art at KASK in Ghent.

During this winter season Anna is working on A Wall of Trust, a beacon of light in the neighbourhood. Together with inhabitants she creates an installation entirely built out of collages made of barcodes on postal enveloppes. Every single code symbolises a unique person, a specific home address, a travelled path.  Step by step these ‘building blocks’ are being brought together on the former altar wall of the desecrated village church, the current community center ‘Den Hannekesnest’. In daylight this work will only be subtly visible. When dusk sets in however, al the unique stories generate a powerful and human-natured revelation.

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