16.10.2020 — 24.10.2020
VIDEODROOM: GHOST 'The Shining' edition
festival, Vooruit

Organisation: Vooruit and GHOST, in collaboration with Film Fest Gent

More info on Ghost ‘The Shining’ edition online

16 – 24.10 → 18:00-23:00, Vooruit
Ticket: € 10




Vooruit and GHOST are joining forces to celebrate the 40-year anniversary of Stanley Kubrick’s epic cult film. During VIDEODROOM you’ll be able to wander through Kubrick’s masterpiece on your own in this exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime, corona-proof and aptly thrilling haunted house experience. Along your way you’ll be warmly received at gigs, performances, installations, projections and a whole lot more. One of those actions is Stef Van Looveren‘s, who worked on the project during his stay at Vooruit as part of the Gouvernement-at-Vooruit residency programme.

The third collaboration between GHOST and Vooruit is something special: no great hordes of people, but an extremely personal experience. As this story of isolation and loneliness has been extremely relatable during these challenging times, it’s no coincidence that ‘The Shining’ is at the heart of this edition. That’s why Vooruit will be transformed into the Overlook Hotel, sending you on a solitary exploration of some of the lesser known corners of the building.


The presentation of the work by Stef Van Looveren is part of the Gouvernement-at-Vooruit residency programme