Vandal X + Youff



concert – Vandal X, Youff

2 generations of disturbing domestic noise rock


The kind of music that might sound familiar to those who like Pneu, Black Pus and Harvey Milk. A dynamic sound ranging from hard and primitive to fast and energetic. A white noise drum kit breaking walls down with the support of a driving fucked up bass. A wall of sound swinging between slow, hauntingly slow sledgehammer hits to wringing, dissonant, overwhelming passages.

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Vandal X

VANDAL X celebrates its 20th birthday, huzzah! This momentous occasion was already celebrated on Record Store Day 2015, with a limited edition single edition

of ‘Flashlight b/w We’ve Had Enough’ on FONS Records – which marked the first time ever the band released on vinyl. And now a new full album has arrived,

with the fitting title VANDAL X, released on CD as well as LP! A fat slab of vinyl in a gorgeous custom-­‐made sleeve printed on thick cardboard – a sure

sign that Vandal X means business. The music will equally convince you of this fact: VANDAL X presents eleven sonical sledgehammer blows that will pummel the

listener into a defenceless pulp. Throughout their existence, VANDAL X has achieved quite some noteworthy feats. They recorded with Steve Albini before it became hip to do so. They played reputed festivals like Pukkelpop, Dour and Oppikoppi (in South-­‐Africa)and have supported equally headstrong bands like Fugazi, Barkmarket, Sonic Youth and Girls Against Boys. You could easily consider them the godfathers of the new wave of “twisted heavy metal rock” that seems

to be the rage in Belgium (although their name was shamefully absent from the Guardian article covering this upcoming scene.

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Doors   19:30

Youff   20:00

Vandal X 21:00

entrance 5 euro