09.02.2017 — 12.02.2017
Sehnsucht (so etwas) Ezra Veldhuis + Arno Synaeve
Exhibition / Concert

Thu 09.02 → 18:00-…     Fri 10.02 → 14:00-22:00     Sat 11.02 → 14:00-22:00     Sun 12.02 → 14:00-18:00

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand

And Eternity in an hour.”

William Blake


The German ‘Sehnsucht’ is more than a noun. Untranslatable as it is in all its meanings, it spreads its tentacles far beyond the time and place where it originated: the German Romanticism of the 19th century. Although opposites in approach, both the work of Ezra Veldhuis and Arno Synaeve tries to establish an intricate relationship with the viewer. Ezra’s work is formless, and often elaborated on an ambitious scale, as Arno intendedly uses a clear line to depict a more concrete world. It is the epic next to the aphoristic. And yet in both worlds the aftermath of a yearning for the ideal, a ‘Sehnsucht’, can easily be traced.


Arno Synaeve (°1994) is studying at School of Arts/KASK since 2012. In 2015-16 he also studied at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Munich in the class of Karin Kneffel. In his work Arno Synaeve is trying to establish confrontations, using contrasting elements, and thus creating new layers of meaning. References to theatre, music and art history are a recurring feature, next to his constant fascination for stylistic references and painting techniques.

Ezra Veldhuis (°1991) is a Master student in Fine Arts at KASK/School of Arts Ghent. In painting, she draws inspiration from phenomena in space, not from an urge to merely depict this space, but because she experiences that space to be something incomprehensible, overwhelming, magical and abstract. In her work, Veldhuis tries to explore various intersections between painting and installation art. She aims to invite the spectator into the depicted, painted space and at the same time to emphasize the painting as a physical presence in the actual space.Works are often made in relation to a specific space or specifically selected for a presentation space. This way a temporary ‘situation’ is established.

First (excerpt)

Geert Belpaeme (°1984) is a performing artist. He gratuated in 2010 at the drama department of Kask/School of Arts in Ghent, where he currently works as teacher and researcher. As l’hommmm (together with Mats Van Herreweghe) he has been making performances on the line between theatre and dance. In 2016 he also founded the collective ‘de polen’ together with Bosse Provoost, Kobe Chielens en Lieselotte De Keyzer.

“First” is a solo dance performance by and with Geert Belpaeme, inspired by Tik Tak (an iconic Belgian tv program for todlers), String Theory and Barnett Newman’s essay ‘The first man was an artist’. First starts off from the philosophical idea that we, human beings, are ourselves the creators of the reality we live in.

Passage Voor De Zon

Annelein Pompe (°1988) Lives and works in Brussel. She makes experimental films and writes poetry and short stories. This year she is a S.I.C (sound image culture) participant, a workspace for filmmakers and anthropologists in Brussel. In Amsterdam she studied Image and Language at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie.

One more moondance

Lies Vandeburie performs jazz standards/New Orleans as well as some of her own songs. Accompanied by Jan D’Haene (trumpet), Gregorie Van Seghbroeck (bass) and Tom Van der Schueren (piano).


Thu 09.02
18:00 – Opening expo
21:00 – Live concert by Nele De Gussem

Fri 10.02
14:00 – Opening expo
20:00 – Performance Geert Belpaeme
22:00 – Closing time

Sat 11.02
14:00 – Opening expo
19:00 – Film Annelein Pompe (Annelein Daar)
20:00 – Film Annelein Pompe (Annelein Daar)
22:00 – Closing time

Sun 12.02
14:00 – Opening expo
17:00 – Live concert Lies Vandeburie, Jan D’Haene, Gregory Van Seghbroeck, Tom Van der Schueren
18:00 – Closing time