07.06.2018 — 10.06.2018
Expo / KASK

Thu 07.06 → 18:00-23:00      Fri 08.06 → 14:00-20:00      Sat 09.06 → 11:00-18:00      Sun 10.06 → 11:00-18:00

Students from the 3rd BA Drawing at KASK, Ghent, exhibit their graduation projects. R H I ZOM is an exhibition in which 8 art students allocate their works in the space in a rhizomatic way. Without a beginning or an end, unconscious connections are made with each other without relying on one central point. The artists bring diversity via techniques and themes that assemble everything as a whole.

With Julie De Kezel, Lukas De Ryck, Luna Dieleman, Hanne Fatah, Tinne Schokkaert, Laura Vandenbroucke, Freek van Zoes and Noa Verkeyn.