01.03.2021 — 30.04.2021
exhibition, Konnektor

Part of the Konnektor traject

In august 2020 a delegation of Dienst der Gedroomde Gewesten got invited by Konnektor for a residency alongside the Ghent canal area in Langerbrugge. With a focus on the drastic presence of electricity in the landscape, they ventured into Pylon Walking. Following the high voltage grid starting at the substation in the Burggravenlaan, they cut across the landscape of nature and industry underneath the ever dangling cables and alongside electricity pylons. These masts do not follow the known path of humans, cars, nor nature. High voltage has its own ‘road’-network, right through meadows, nature reserves and even front yards. The research consisted of four hikes that were documented using different media. Eventually, the fieldwork resulted into PYLON WALKS, a soundscape, a publicatie and this exhibition in which the Dienst tried to translate the dominant presence of electricity in a remarkable landscape. The QR-codes lead you to the soundscape and maps. With this exposition Dienst der Gedroomde Gewesten invite you to go Pylon Walking yourself. Turn your eyes towards the sky during your further journey, consult the maps in the publication and follow the black lines.

PYLON WALKS, the exhibition, is on view from the 1st of march to the end of april in Koppelingsgebied Langerbrugge-Zuid. All info on the exhibition you can find here

All info on the project and the downloads of the publication and podcast you will find here