06.04.2016 — 07.04.2016
Presentation Interne 2 Diego Latruwe
Exhibition / Perfromance

Wed 06.04 → 09:00-23:00     Thu 07.04 → 09:00-23:00


A thin line between reality and fiction, between truth and conspiracy theories


Interne 2 Diego Latruwe investigated the thin line between reality and fiction in popular conspiracy theories. Working with found footage he created a series of video-based installations generating new associations between theories and questioning the idea of a commonly accepted truth – and instead, drawing on a vast web of ideas and events to propose a series of alternative histories.

The project generally aimed to draw lines between what we think we know and what we choose to believe in, and celebrate the unlimited potential for meaning always present in images. The results of his investigation will be continuously on view.

The expo will include the installations “Iconogesis I – IV”, a series of prints made with the images generated by the installations and a publication commemorating the residency. A lecture/performance will take place every hour from 20:00 onwards.