12.07.2021 — 12.09.2021
On the Go!
exhibition, Konnektor

Part of Konnektor

“Apparently we crave for space, tranquility and the unspoiled. We’d like to escape the everyday pace. In ON THE GO! the students of the 4th grade Painting and Drawing give an answer to a dormant desire. They’ll give you insight in their thoughts of being on the road, wildness, nature,…How do you turn something banal into something that is disturbing, humorous or dreamy?”

Since 2018 the municipality of Evergem has an Art Academy for Visual and Audiovisual arts. As an adult you can attend ateliers in painting, drawing, living model and non-toxic graphics.  Furthermore, there’s an atelier for people with physical and mental disabilities in collaboration with OBRA|BAKEN and Den Dries. For children and youngsters they offer visual ateliers.

ON THE GO! was made possible with through a collaboration with GO! Kunstacademie Evergem en University Press.

Your visit to the group exhibition ON THE GO!

On view from the 12th of July till the 31st of August 2021. This exhibition takes place in open air and is accessible day and night.

The ‘Koppelingsgebied Langerbrugge-Zuid’ is located south-east of the town center of Kerkbrugge-Langerbrugge on the left bank of the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal.  You can access the Park area by bike through a bike-corridor which connects the Gentweg with the Doornzelestraat. The location of the exhibition is nearby the Grovermansdreef.

Beware to respect the applicable Corona-measures during your visit.