Night Shift: From dusk 'till dawn
at Beursschouwburg

Fri 01.06 → 20:00-08:00

Breaking free from geographical boundaries, Gouvernement investigates new offbeat horizons in unfamiliar conditions.

For the 12-hour long nocturnal carousel Night Shift it temporarily relocates its practice, vision, visual and artistic identity to Brussels.

Joining the ranks is Beursschouwburg, a multidisciplinary beacon for all kinds of artistic expressions inside and outside the capital, the perfect place for a take-over.

Gouvernement calls upon promising artists from its previous and upcoming residencies and public events and offers them a unique wild card: appropriating, embracing and seizing the Beursschouwburg-building in central Brussels.

Expect a remarkable sequence of dazzling and subtle performances, peculiar artistic interventions and other less-categorizable happenings, a cycle of on-site acts that manually transform the building both atmospherically and visually.

Their stamp is manifest
traces and marks are made
the night shift is irreversible.

Participating artists are Frankie, Atelier Bildraum, Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe, De Zwarte Zuster Fanfare, T T B W R S, Janes Zeghers, Leon de Bruijne, Rutger De Vries, buren, (Evelin Brosi & Elvis Bonier), Inne Eysermans, Filip Anthonissen, Nienke Baeckelandt, Bert Jacobs, Gitte Hendrikx, Sorry Works, Nikolas Lestaeghe, Lin Gerritse & Anna Godzina, Dries Van Laethem, Aïsha Gailliaert, Simon Van Honacker, Gustave Demoen, Stanislas Lahaut, Maxim Storms, Linde Carrijn

For more information on the artists and general take-over of Gouvernement in Beursschouwburg, go to the facebook event page.