20.09.2018 — 23.09.2018
Kunstenfestival PLAN B
Festival / Expo

Thu 20.09 → 18:00-…     Fri 21.09 → 14:00-20:00     Sat 22.09 → 11:00-18:00     Sun 23.09 → 11:00-18:00


Kunstenfestival PLAN B


Kunstenfestival PLAN B, an annual art festival in the remote village of Bekegem, has been given a summer residency at Gouvernement. Though playfulness is central to the festival’s practice, the organisers are not afraid of challenges or responses to more serious matters. This time they question the relationship of art in an urban and rural setting. PLAN B conducts two actions: one in Bekegem (September 1 & 2) and one in Ghent (September 20 – 23). Their in-situ created, contemporary art bubble allows contextual influences resulting in an adapted or radically different art work.

After their two-days long passage in Bekegem, the artists relocate their practice to Gouvernement. The intention is clear: How does such an extreme change of environment effect the art works? This change between two inherently different societies influences and challenges the artists, organisers and public in a new synergetic ensemble.

For the full experience, we highly recommend you to visit both events as they won’t be alike. Both festivals are free.

Kunstenfestival PLAN B is an event organised by Infiltro vzw. For more information, please go to http://www.kunstenfestivalplanb.be/.

More information about the artists will follow soon!