KAVIR and Rojin Sharafi
Installation, with Vooruit

Wed 06.02 → 20:00-…


Belgian and Iranian artists challenging today’s audio-visual norms


In Farsi, Kavir means desert. Not as a dry no-mans-land, but a blend of millions of equal particles creating a thing of unity. KAVIR is a collective focused on bringing together visual artists and musicians from both Iran and Belgium, set out to challenge image and sound, originating from their alternate eastern and western legacies.

In 2019, Gouvernement, Kunstencentrum Vooruit and KAVIR are teaming up for a series of concerts in which visual arts and experimental music will double-cross in magical ways.


Image © Stans Vrijsen and Hamid Ghodsi


Rojin Sharafi (Zabte Sote IR/AT)

Rojin Sharafi is a Vienna-based sound artist, composer and sound engineer. Recently released on the Sote found label Zabte Sote, her productions contain pieces for acoustical, electro-acoustical and electronic music as well as interdisciplinary projects in different mediums like film and performance. Her music crosses borders of different genres, while borrowing some elements from different epoch and classes such as noise, folk, ambient, metal and contemporary music. Fusion texture, narrative layers and formalistic approaches are the musical trademarks of this Tehran-born artist.



Épong is a Brussels-based multidisciplinary artist working in music, film & installation. His music draws from broad influences ranging from post-rock to old-school hardcore, but he still manages to infuse his sounds with a modern touch. He releases his debut album in February on MONTAGE.



Pictures by Kristof Thomas