11.09.2022 — 11.09.2022
BREAKFASTCLUB: Night Shift: Beach Special by Julie Daems
Film, Het TheaterFestival

At the invitation of Het TheaterFestival

BREAKFASTCLUB is a morning encounter with an artistic proposal and with each other. In the precious energy of the dawning day, other ways of sharing, looking and experiencing are made possible. At the invitation of Het TheaterFestival we are screening the film Night Shift: Beach Special by Julie Daems that was created in the context of Night Shift Oostende. Last summer about thirty different makers resided and presented a month long side by side in the coastal city. This exercise in the sharing of time, space and means was attempted to be captured and continued in this film. After the screening Simon Baetens will initiate his text Sharing is caring, the culmination of the research investigation “delen van tijd, grond en middelen” in the context of the project How to Live and Work Now by Kaaitheater. Film and text serve as the launch of an open conversation on sharing and collective multiplicity in the arts. Part of the talk is of course breakfast. ‘Cause without coffee and croissant no BREAKFASTCLUB!

Imagine: waking up after Night Shift Oostende stretching out in the couch in front of the television. The image reveals snatches of yesterday’s memories, new perspectives on acts that you’ve probably haven’t seen before. ‘Lucky birds’ we were, or even better: Lucky mews. Through the various channels of Night Shift: Beach Special we get to see a mosaic of highlights and behind-the-scenes of the colourful bunch of artists that contributed to the Doorheen de verschillende kanalen van Night Shift: Beach Special krijgen we een mozaïek aan hoogtepunten en behind-the Endless Swirl in Ostend.

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Julie Daems graduated as a film maker at KASK Gent with her hybrid short L’Indigotier (2020): A magic-realist tale about an old indigo-tree and twin sisters out of the Brussels Matongé quarter. For a previous edition of Night Shift at the Ghent Opera she created a series of portraits of the participating artists. During Night Shift Oostende she was again present to capture images, sounds and moments and bring them together in a condense, playful form for another episode of Night Shift TV.

Night Shift is a platform for presentation by Gouvernement that gathers artists from different disciplines, ages and backgrounds in a temporary occupied space. It creates possibilities to generously show experiments and unfinished work, while sharing a crowd. Night Shift is all about letting go of boundaries and stepping into a unique and one-off world born from the interactions of a myriad of fresh work and ideas. An endless swirl of interventions and experiments, allowing each action to leave behind a unique trace and stimulating crossovers to trigger the unexpected.