17.04.2018 — 18.04.2018
In'visible Space – Bram Lattré (tBEDRIJF)

Tue 17.04 → 18:30 – 21:30     Wed 18.04 → 18:30 – 21:30


In’visible Space, light fascination & performance


Bram Lattré (1983) is the founder of the Ghent-based visual collective tBEDRIJF. In his work he experiments with light as medium and creates meaningful universes with intangible materials. In the atelier residency, he develops the one-on-one solo performance ‘In’visible Space’, in which he examines how one experiences a space removed from every possible light. It’s a search for a significant approach to an empty room and its translation to a theatrical scene.

The performance, consisting of a phase with and without light, sends a visitor into an empty room for a certain time.