GentM #42 - The end of the truth
Talk / Debate

Tue 15.11 → 19:00-23:30

“The politician looks self-satisfied into the room. With his hand he quickly brushes his hair, or at least the tiny hairs he still has left on his head and stick to his cranium as if they vainly try to cover up a flaw. One by one he looks at the journalists standing across him, leaning against the walls of the boiling press space; boys and girls who’ve been hunting all kinds of quotes for the past years without double-checking the things they’ve written due to lack of time; old men who can still remember the time when a piece had to be objective without a doubt. He had played them all. By addressing them on a weekly basis or by sugar coating every legislative proposal in a smooth story that ticks all the boxes. Simply by buying a pack of data. He grins, smirks, takes a deep breath and gives his campagne manager on last look. This is how he had won the election.”

The end of the truth. After the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States of America, the truth and its solemnity are more contemporary pressing matters than ever. We have a hard time admitting to that final word, the end. How can we install a reincarnation of the truth?

Be welcome on Tuesday, November 15, for the ceremonial funeral.

With guests Tim De Gier (Vrij Nederland, Harvard) and An Goovaerts (De Morgen)

The end of the truth is co-created with support by imec.