GentM #41 - The end of the screen
Talk / Debate

Tue 08.11 → 19:00-23:00

“Hello, is someone there?” I shout out with fear. Using my hands to touch the gigantic glass wall in front of me, I feel like a mime player executing a performance. When I tap the wall, a hollow sound emerges. Slowly I turn my head around towards the flickering rays of light coming from behind me and reflecting on the wall. This is our fault, all of it. We’ve put screens in our telephones, watches, glasses. We’ve ben them in crooked shapes. We wanted more experiences, more perceptions. Feel everything. perceive everything. And now I’m here. We wanted to throwe away the frame but instead fell right into it.”

Guests: Juan Bossicard (impulse.brussels), Jens Franssen (VRT) and Dirk Van Welden (i-illusions).

The end of the screen is co-created with support by imec.