GentM #40 - The end of the privacy
Talk / Debate

Tue 01.11 → 19:00-23:00

“The people seemed to come from everywhere, as if it were ants crawling and swarming through the streets in search of sweets. This time not something like a honey pot, but like the screen which the Prime Minister installed last summer. On stage there’s someone applauding the mass, creating a rouse. The screen flickers after which the mass begins to yell loudly. One by one the browser history of every civilian is shown on the screen, and every time the public gets to decide whether they wish to receive more information about that person or not. A profile picture appears. A name. A telephone number. A state of living. A salary…”

Do you have questions about a life without privacy?

Come and ask them to Jo Pierson (Associate Professor on digital media use and innovation at VUB) and Rosamunde van Brakel (Executive Director Privacy Salon vzw).

The end of privacy is co-created with support by imec.