GentM #37 - The end of the ownership
Talk / Debate

Tue 11.10 → 19:00-23:00

“Dear lords of Venture Capitalists, rich folks, welcome. I’d like to introduce you something new.” The cool guy looks around the in oak wood manufactured table. Six men in business suits stare eagerly at him, knowing that they can soon start earning millions again thanks to this proposal. “For year, a company only became a company when it actually owned something. That all changed when a taxi company without cars emerged. Or a hotel site without hotels. Each and everyone of them soon gained value containing billions of dollars. It’s time to proceed, and go one step further. We present: an economy in which no one possesses anything. According to our calculations every citizen of this country becomes in no time a disruptive unicorn, so we can solve the nation-wide budget deficit. What do you think?”

Guest: Rogier De Langhe

The end of the ownership is co-created with support by imec.