Friends are Magic



concert/expo/performance – Friends are Magic

An evening of magic and friendship to celebrate the release of the first Friends are Magic single and video “Deny Your Coma”.

For the expo, Friends are Magic invited 5 artists they think are going to do something genius.
To multiply the Magic, these 5 artist also invite a friend artist.

Reality is Awesome.


Manor Grunewald > Simon Laureyns
Marlies DC > Willem Boel
Buren (Melissa Mabesoone & Oshin Albrecht) > Dominiek Colpaert
Tibaldus en Andere Hoeren > Pieter Dumoulin
Elke Vankerckvoorde > Dieter Durinck


18.00: Expo Friends + Friends Vol. 1
20.00: Food Stand Arrival (krieken met balletjes)
21.20: Performance Buren
21.34: Friends Are Magic (B)
> Videopremière: ‘DENY YOUR COMA’
22.45: Special Friends are Magic moment
23.00: Dance Party (Patrick)
01.30: End