EPAS Interim Show
Arts in Sound

Sat 02.12 → 15:00-21:00


Experimental and innovating installations and performances by EPAS students


Installations & performances at 15:00 & 20:00 by EPAS students Arzu Saglam, Alina Ozerova, Fabian Salas, Ioana Mandrescu, Hans De Wit, Rebecca Glover, Inne Eysermans. Get more info on the facebook page.

EPAS is a one-year intensive education (KASK) in the creative potential of sound as such and as a part of a multimedia practice. 



Hans De Wit is a sound artist and sound designer for pictures, theater and multimedia. His work is characterized by field recordings and by manipulating various instruments, constantly looking for a balance with the space. During EPAS he is developing a project where he explores the sound of memories related to time and the (acoustic) environment. He will be performing the first developments of this ongoing work.

Inne Eysermans is an Antwerp-based musician and sound artist, also known as the founding member of the band Amatorski. In various performances she’s using electronics, synthesis, field recordings, found sounds, online data and sound fx records as a source material for further processing. Eysermans recently has been focusing on the creation of performative installations and soundtracks for various multimedia projects. She will perform a first study of sound in sports, a part of Sport Series, in which she’s exploring the environment and soundscape of female athletes in several sports.

Rebecca Glover is an artist from London. She uses sound, installation, sculpture and performance to explore how we experience exchange between the body and environment. Her current project researches interactions between the acoustics of space and body. She will be performing an improvisation with sculpted sound and field recordings.

Romanian born musician Ioana Mandrescu completed her studies in her home country, France and Belgium. Her interest in contemporary music was stirred during the time spent at École Normale de Musique ‘Alfred Cortot’ in Paris. This led to the foundation of two contemporary music groups, Quivir Ensemble, based in Spain and Switzerland and Opia Ensemble, based in Belgium. Strongly influenced by choreography and painting, in the past two years she developed, together with her groups, performances that brought together sound, film and dance. They were presented in Belgium – Bozar Opening Night 2015, Festival Courants d’Airs, Poland – FAMA Festival and Iran – First Edition of the Contemporary Music Festival in Tehran.

Alina Ozerova (b. 1983, Moscow) works with film and sound, and explores how these media bridge human senses. Her video works, soundtracks and sonic installations are inspired by ‘journey’ as a narrative structure and physical experience: involuntary travels, closed loops, motion of sound. Alina is based in Amsterdam and since 2013 she has been collaborating with FEST (Portugal) as experimental and documentary short films programmer. In Gouvernement she will present her audiovisual research departing from slowed down bird songs and imitation techniques, a journey to prehuman soundscape.

aRzu saglam is ever so often migrating, as a person as well as an aRtist. starting from music and theater, taking a D tour in anthropology, movie sciences and arts history, she graduated in animation and has been exploring the fields of the moving image/line and is now focusing on how some of her lines may sound as they move in certain spaces. researching geological and biological studies and rearranging these in absurd combinations has created an own aesthetic world and is now ready to be tested in an installation. working with pre-composed and live interactive sound elements, still images and animation-projections she will let a few of the mentioned contributors perform a glimpse into this world in progress.

Fabian Salas graduated in film and television in Costa Rica, where he was born and raised. Since then, he has been working in the audiovisual industry as sound recorder, video editor and in aerial video and photography. On his search of establishing as a sound designer for films, Fabian is now in Ghent studying, exploring and expanding his knowledge of the potential of sound. More specifically, he is developing a project that consists on understanding the sound interaction with the audience and vice versa, its emotional and subconscious effect on the people and how to use this as a tool to create and integrate in a better way the audience into a movie.