Ekster labelnight: HIELE + Ssaliva + Nosedrip
Concert / Labelnight

Antwerp based recordlabel EKSTER has been releasing vanguard electronic ear candy for almost 2 years now. Their exquisite EXO-compilation has been stuck on our turntable ever since we found it under the christmass tree last year. Reason enough to have two of their dearest sons over for a sonic odyssey.

SSALIVA (live) – Liege-born composer who has been releasing his ethereal music under many monikers. Last years’ album “BE ME” (EKS006) reveals both, his sense for lusciousness and disturbance. https://soundcloud.com/ssaliva

HIELE (live) – Antwerp producer and multi-instrumentalist Roman Hiele will bring some of his favourite knobby devices for a set of crooked, jazz and acid infused electronica.

Nosedrip (dj) – the icing on the cherry

SSALIVA (Live): 21:00
HIELE (Live): 22:00
NOSEDRIP: 23:00 – …

Admission: 7 euro
Doors: 20:30