Music, with Vooruit

Wed 27.03 → 20:00-23:00


London-based guitar virtuoso working and playing in a newly created sound installation


Cam Deas is a London-based musician, guitar virtuoso and sound artist whose work is not subject to straightforward categorization. His practice ranges from solo acoustic guitar through live electro-acoustic works, to pure synthesis and computer generative music such as last year’s staggering record ‘Time Exercises’. Essential elements in his productions are the varying explorations of composition, improvisation and the space in between.

Opening the evening is MONOMONO, the Antwerp-based electronic duo (starring Hester Bolle & Anne van de Star) known for their electro-acoustic, feverish musical landscapes. Besides their celebrated singles ‘JOUSKA en ‘NICO’ (in collaboration with Dijf Sanders), they’ve recently released their debut ‘OBSERVANT HOKE’.