07.06.2018 — 17.06.2018
Ruben Nachtergaele
Atelier residency

Beginning of summer residency


A maximalist approach in exploring music and sound


“It’s all about listening: trying to reveal the core of an event, of a place, of somebody. And then: trying to capture the sonic reality and finding a way to present that to other listeners. In this process, organising and labelling is crucial. I use both connotation (a story) as the intrinsic quality (pure sound as a physical phenomenon) to deal with my recordings.
Apart from this pure and minimal approach, processing the recordings can be a way of creating completely new realities. Juxtaposition and  composition can form new dynamics, new meanings. In this way, I want to add something new  and valuable  to the world; create perspective.

As an architect, I am naturally interested in the context of  sound, and the amount of ‘space’ it contains. This is in the first place a technical issue (scale, distance, reverberation, reflections, recording methods) but also an emotional issue. A sound can, for instance, carry a history – of a place – in it, it can contain a present or a past event. Starting from and working with all this material, I am interested in creating mental spaces.”

Lately his solo-work is again focusing on sound art installation and field recording. In various projects and collaborations he uses his skills as a sound designer, sound engineer and audio-post-production-guy (ADR, SFX, set recording, re-recording mixer, mixer).

Image © Wunderkammer (2018) by Ruben Nachtergaele