18.06.2018 — 01.07.2018
Atelier residency

Beginning of summer residency


Searching for the borders between actors/performers and audience


Via interactive installations playField collective invites the public to collectively experience the open invitation to merely watch and participate, which are both of value for the public’s involvement. The outcome of a show is not something only the theatre makers control: the audience plays an equal part and is therefore responsible for the impact. Due to the decreasing, physical social contact, a certain necessity emerges to react upon those matters – especially in our digital era where possibilies seem often endless. playField uses that increased tension field to centralize the spectactor in a setting that combines scenography and visual art.

With these ideas in mind, they have previously created e.g. Big Data Trilogy and A.R.C. and were residents at DOK Gent for a whole summer.

Image © Michiel Devijver