21.01.2019 — 27.01.2019
Mira Bryssinck
Atelier residency

Second atelier residency at Gouvernement


Fascinated by absurd theatre which connects and alienates in an ever-changing dynamic system


Mira Bryssinck evokes a tension on the border of language and image fit for human experience, as she ultimately searches for the representation of her fascination for absurdity in theatre.

During her residency at Gouvernement, she develops the monologue Glory Box (w.i.p.) which will premiere in June, alongside Compagnie Cecilia. The monologue tells the story of a janitor locked inside her own building, a world seemingly created by Bryssinck’s poetic use of language. Loneliness ultimately leads to physical consequences, embroided in a resemblance to a thé dansant. The rhythm of the sentences also correspond to the moving body in isolation – which is even more insensified while creating everything on her own, as she quickly connects writing to physically playing the show.