14.01.2019 — 20.01.2019
Federica Di Pietrantonio
Atelier residency

Preparatory residency


In the run-up to her upcoming project Vacation spot in Gent


Vacation spot in Gent wants to ask instead of answer. It’s an attempt to break through the security we enjoy in our daily lives and a search for the meaning of today’s travel adventures, the role of painting and the artist’s role in society. Being in one place instead of another evokes a new situation and a different meaning, consequently putting us simultaneously in two contexts: reality and virtuality. Federica Di Pietrantonio deepens that idea by exhibiting both in Rome and in Ghent and starting a dialogue between the two cities, making her use an avatar to bridge that reality in a virtual sense. Because the present (and us experiencing it) is also a networked structure showing itself in many versions, it becomes an ephemeral concept and allows us to be in differing contexts.

Her atelier residency marks her first stop at Gouvernement: through working out the (virtual) setting for her upcoming exhibition in March, she wishes to connect her work with local artists who can collaborate with her and add an extra layer to the exhibition.


All images © Federica Di Pietrantonio