01.07.2019 — 11.08.2019
Bosse Provoost & Ezra Veldhuis
Atelier residency

Summer residency


An experimental research absorbing the notion of cosmogony


At this very moment, Provoost and Veldhuis are working on a black-box performance in which they search for cosmogony which initially means ‘a birth of something out of nothing’. Again playing with light, scenography and senses, worlds and images will be constructed with the help of a conjuring light.

During their 6-weeks-long residency, experiments and research will be conducted in order to further develop their cosmogenic ideas.

They’ll deepen themselves in the concept of ‘atea’, an equivalent of the Big Bang-theory derived from Polynesia, which exemplifies the exact moment during which light finally enters the emptiness that has been bathing in darkness for an unknown amount of time.

Kosmogonie has its first try-out at STUK Leuven during the Playground Festival and will premiere February 6 at Toneelhuis’ V36.

© Ezra Veldhuis