Always In The Kitchen at parties
Festival / with CAMPO

Sat 24.11 → 22:00-…


Week III: Closing party


On Saturday, the kitchen will be informally closed with a party amidst the creative remnants of last month’s happenings. Think of it as a hub you always go to when the party itself is not that big of a deal. Or as the perfect hiding place for when the music gets too loud. Because after all, aren’t we always in the kitchen at parties?


Afterwards, the self-proclaimed makers’ collective ONBETAALBAAR rejuvenates the kitchen and gives it a second life by transforming its material into irresistibly handy, peculiar and unique objects. These will be later on sale during Jingle Balls, an alternative to Christmas shopping on December 14 – 16.



Always In The Kitchen

Combining forces for the multidisciplinary art festival Always In The Kitchen, Gouvernement and CAMPO reunite artists and audience in a familiar yet disturbing setting: an IKEA®-kitchen. For three weeks the space is challenged by curators, theatre makers and artists. An unusual context emerges and acts as the blank canvas for the different disciplines, while obtaining multiple layers with every happening.

From off-beat installations and theatrical kitchen scenes to in situ art works and total sensory experiences, nothing, not even the freezers or stoves, will be spared. Week I focuses on theatre & text, week II evolves around visual arts and week III casts a light on cross-overs between music, performance, video and much more.