GentM #39 - The end of the computer
Talk / Debate

Tue 25.10 → 19:00-23:00

“Hi, what’s your name,’ she askes. That ‘she’ is the new girl in class. The teached said she’s called Iris and she recently moved to our town. When I tell her my name, she doesn’t react in the way I expected – like, by saying her name – she merely watches me for a second. “Ok, from now on I will call you Wouter. How can I help you? Don’t forget to bring an umbrella with you, it looks like it might rain in your region. By the way, these are the most recent stock market number you might be interested in.

Guests: Wouter Denayer (IBM) and Steven Latré (University Antwerp, iMinds)

The end of the computer is co-created with support by imec.