Stef Van Looveren

part of Night Shift at Decoratelier – 02-04-2022

Stef Van Looveren’s practice translates itself into video installation, photo, sculpture and performance. Van Looveren uses the installations as an attempt to reflect and dismantle the performativity of our human behaviour, primarily within the notion of gender. Playfully mimicking our social conducts along with visual culture, their work moves towards a surreal gesture.

For this Brussels edition of Night Shift, Stef Van Looveren creates a video performance. In the video, different people make their way through space. Relating to each other and the environment, they bring about  a queer ecology.

Credits video

Artist Director: Stef Van Looveren

Movement Director: Mustaf Ahmeti

Performers: Karina Zharmu, Shaïne Mahaux, Oriana Mangala Ikomo, Absa Sissoko, Tommy Vanstippen, Judith Willems , Marie Willems, Nathan De Laet, Emmuran Murengo, Nathalie Nijs, Florence Carlier, Rachel Alvarez, Marion Marguerite Denné, INTI, Deveny Faruque,Chaima El Haddaoui, Krenare Zeka, Julia Tröscher, Hannah Mateus ,Nixie Velocity Blaze, Eddy louisia, Bobby Louisia Velocity Blaze, Fleur Van De Merlen, Marc Van Looveren, Emilija Dūdaitė, Kaidan K, Charlotte De Smedt, Rindy

MUA: Maria Ovejero

Thanks to: Julia Tröscher, Emilija Dūdaitė, Philipp Kern, Charlotte De Waegenaere

Coproduction: DE SINGEL

Supported by:  Stad Antwerpen & de Vlaamse overheid

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