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Performance, music
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For almost ten years, Mama’s Open Mic offers accessible play and stage opportunities to both beginning and more experienced creatives. Active in Antwerp and Brussels, the collective stands synonymous with a warm and open platform dedicated to the arts of spoken word. Whatever the art form or word puzzle, everyone gets a chance at grabbing the microphone and showing work to a broad audience. A safe space, Mama’s Open Mic sees no place fit for negative and discriminating -ism’s and phobias such as racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, fat phobia, islamophobia and transphobia. 

During Night Shift, Mama’s Open Mic also brings with them the inclusive environment dedicated to ignating empowerment. For the first time, the collective concentrates on a fully-fledged poetic and theatrical show inspired by revolutions from back then and right now. The performance balances between poetry and krumping while blending classic violin with hard beats. On stage, musicians and poets of the Mama’s Open Mic family are joined by musicians of Opera Ballet Vlaanderen’s ensembles.


Elisabeth Severino Fernandes (a.k.a. Miss Elli Rebelli)

Costume & Styling
Miss Elli Rebelli

Music director, composer, arranger
Joram Kunde Boumkwa (a.k.a. Kunde)

Kunde, Sarah Bekambo

Israël Ngashi (a.k.a Wild), Zoe Hollinshead

Miss Elli Rebelli, Israël Ngashi, Zoë Hollinshead

MOM Musicians
Simon Derover, Louise Vandenheuvel, Kunde, Mona Abdel-Wahab

Musicians Opera Ballet Vlaanderen
Marta Babić, Justyna Miller, Mikolaj Türschmid, Traudi Helmberger, Muriel Bialek