Musical performance
Get to know Frankie better


Frankie is a five-piece boy band harmonizing image and sound in fragmentary installations, bordering between performance and concert. Their most recent production Laguna Beach illustrates their merry, naive and hand-crafted universe, which is messy and imperfect as well as funny and touching. With backgrounds in animation, music and film, their versatile knowhow leads to a highly amusing tableau vivant and other creations of situations which aren’t necessarily narrative. No matter which medium they use (video, TV, live music, animation…), few things in Frankie’s life are crystal clear: shrill guitars, a little bit of nonchalance, frankness, disarming ambiance and crappy puppets.


Frankie also participated in the Night Shift-edition at Beursschouwburg, where they gave us a heads up about and insight in their Laguna Beach-adventures.