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Installation, performance
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© Leontien Allemeersch

The Ghent-based collective Bebe Books queers spaces around the world by organising and curating LGBTQ+ friendly events and by supporting promising artists and collectives. Bebe’s mission is to build a safe space harmonising pleasure, arts, and education. Besides their curatorial practice, they travel with their fanzine collection to connect, communicate, and unite with other people. Open for collaborations, they team up with Manoeuvre, an open cultural platform in Ghent’s Rabot neighbourhood, and Xeno, a Brussels-based artistic platform intersecting queer, gender, feminism and non-binary with a focus on minoritized artists of colour. 

Especially for Night Shift, Xeno creates a new performance while the banners, a collaborative work by Bebe Books and Manoeuvre, are on view in the peristyle. The handcrafted banners are inspired by the queer history of the opera genre on which the collective has conducted research in conversation with artists of the opera. Banners are made to move, that’s how they help Bebe Books to sporadically transform Night Shift into a parade.


Bebe Books

Ophelie Mac, Diana Dobrescu, Mélanie Peduzzi, Ichraf Nasri and Awoulath Algoubin

with Elien Ronse and ladies from the Rabot neighbourhood

KASK Performance Department